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Become a Supporting Member of the Alabama Ghostbusters

Our courteous and efficient staff attend events and charity promotions at our own expense, however promotional items and other trivial expenses related to the group tend to take a bite out of our personal expense accounts. That is where you can help. We are now offering voluntary annual memberships. Alabama Ghostbusters is, and always will be, free to join and participate, however this is a way for our members to support the purchase of promotional items that will make our presentation at events even better.

Examples of how this helps us out:
  • We use the funds to purchase a new banner, a new canvas tent and tables so we can divide our Busters into separate event teams to do multiple charity events in one day.
  • We use the funds to purchase balloons, fliers, bracelets, stickers and other giveaway promotional items to further our presence at events.
  • We use the funds to secure booth space at larger, high-traffic events so we can get our fundraisers the promotion they deserve.
  • We use the funds to buy stationary supplies to award our members for doing extreme acts of kindness to the community while representing Alabama Ghostbusters.
  • We use the funds to secure better rewards each year for being a supporting member, possibly entitling you to free buttons, shirts, lanyards, etc.

Okay, Okay... I'm sold. What do you need?

Supporting memberships are $25.00 per year. You can pay for your supporting membership using PayPal! Please be sure to put your forum username in the comments field on your PayPal transaction so we know for whom to apply benefits!

Your membership will last for one year, at which time you will need to renew manually. We will let you know, but in the event we get a backlog of cases and do not, your reminder will be the absence of your Supporting Member badge.

Note: You do not have to be a Message Forum account holder to support our group, but you will need an account on our website if you are to display the 'Supporting Member' badge. If you aren't a member and decide to donate anyway, please be sure to come to an event so we can thank you in person!

Do I get anything out of it?

For supporting Alabama Ghostbusters monetarily, you will get personal thanks and recognition from our Chief and a special badge displaying your support above your avatar image on the Message Forum.

You will also get your own '@alabamagb.com' e-mail address. (We will contact you afterward for details on that.)

Given this is a new program, the benefits are skinny at the moment. We are aware, and we're working on it. We plan on offering more and more per year in the future. If you decide to support the group at this time, know that your doing so will enable better benefits for future supporting memberships and, more importantly, enable us to do what we do best.

See you at our next event!

With Much Appreciation and Regards,
The Alabama Ghostbusters